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Feature Basic Plus Plus Gold
Food diary yes yes yes
Exercise diary yes yes yes
Calories in / calories out summary yes yes yes
Personal daily calorie quota yes yes yes
Full daily nutritional analysis yes yes yes
Daily meal breakdown analysis yes yes yes
Weight goal setting and tracking yes yes yes
Weight log yes yes yes
Body fat percentage calculator and log yes yes yes
Body circumference (girth) measurement log yes yes yes
Weight, body fat percentage, and BMI tracking yes yes yes
Water consumption log yes yes yes
Fruit and veg consumption log yes yes yes
Personal journal yes yes yes
Powerful food search interface yes yes yes
Super-fast 1-click food logging yes yes yes
Recently consumed food shortcuts 10 25 50
Favorite food shortcuts 10 25 50
Comprehensive food analysis yes yes yes
Nutrient intake vs. recommended daily values yes yes yes
Custom meals 1000 2000 Unlimited
Meal database browser yes yes yes
Powerful meal search interface yes yes yes
Goal history browser yes yes yes
Interactive graphical reports 19 19 19
Support forums yes yes yes
Community forums yes yes yes
Private messaging yes yes yes
Instant messaging yes yes yes
Comprehensive control panel yes yes yes
Add custom foods and supplements 1000 2000 Unlimited
Unprocessed and generic food database 7,000+ 7,000+ 7,000+
Branded and restaurant food database no 20,000+ 20,000+
Turn off advertisements no yes yes
Private priority support forum no yes yes
10% discount on consultations with our Dietitian no no yes
Data exportation to MS Excel or similar no no yes
Many colorful themes no no yes
Upload and use own avatar image no no yes
Upload and use a signature image no no yes
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Nutridiary is intended only to assist users to monitor their personal nutrition. Nutridiary does not give nutritional, health or medical advice. The information and reports generated by Nutridiary should not be interpreted as a substitute for physician consultation, evaluation, or treatment. Users are urged and advised to consult a physician before beginning a diet management and/or exercise regime. Nutridiary is intended for use by healthy individuals 18 years of age and older. Nutridiary is not intended for use by minors, pregnant women, or individuals with any type of health condition.
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