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"I have used this site for a couple of weeks, and I've lost 10 lbs. so far. I applaud you for the simplicity of use. I also have two friends who have ordered computers just to be able to use this site. All I can say is THANK YOU !!!! This is a wonderful site."
Posted by: Micabeth
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"I have been using but this is alot easier to use and takes far less time to fill in - a big improvement."
Posted by: Alice
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"I have been using this site for about a month now and I love it. Keeping track of calories and food intake has never been simplier. I also recommend this site to everyone I know!"
Posted by: Lisa, Texas, USA
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"This site is really awesome, it's like but a lot better because it gives you a lot more information and it's easier to log your food and stuff everyday. i've been using it for a couple days and i love it so far!!"
Posted by: Jenny
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"I have been using for 5 days and it is the best one on the net."
Posted by: Maureen, United Kingdom
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"This is a brilliant site."
Posted by: Hattie, Spain
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"It is far easier to use than others I have visited and will be back each day to post my info. Well done on a very informative and easy to use site."
Posted by: Charlotte
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"Well so far I am loving this site! I was using one run by the USDA, and it was really good, but this blows it away to be honest:) I like being able to add my own foods. It also has much more information available and is much more user-friendly."
Posted by: Kim, Florida, USA
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"The whole site is really comprehensive and user-friendly - great job! I tried a similar site in the past (DietWatch) but found it cumbersome and never returned."
Posted by: Petunia, Boston, USA
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"There's a similar website and database in the UK called weightlossresources...
The nutridiary software is easier (and quicker) to use than the British version, plus its free!"
Posted by: Laura
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"I highly recommened you try it ...Seriously amazing!!!!"
Posted by: Lia
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"I started using Nutridiary a week ago and by simply being more mindful of my total nutrition, Iíve increased my energy and I feel better all together. Never mind the 4.5 pounds I lost in a week. Iím not counting calories or watching what I eat so much, but seeing it on "paper" really has changed a lot of things for me and Iím pretty consistent. When Iím done, Iím done and when the log says Iím out of calories and if I eat more, Iíll mess up my nifty little 4 lbs a week trend, I donít even think of eating another bite. The best part is that Iím training myself not to eat less, but to eat better. Iíve eaten actually MORE than I normally eat this past week, but itís just been more balanced, better foods, and thatís made all the difference. Iíve even had desserts and I normally donít DO that! Thank you, Nutridiary. Youíve changed my life."
Posted by: Hali
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